Below are a few questions and answers about G-Tags

If you are interested in implementing G-tags in your school, please make contact with us, we will send you a form to share with other parents, teachers and learners.

Once 10 people are interested, we will get in touch with your school.

Yes, G-tags make use of RFID technology, the same technology used in credit and debit cards, and are no bigger than traditionally-sized name tags.

No, G-tags only work in certain areas of the school (i.e. lost property) which have scanners that can read the RFID strip.

We don’t typically work with schools that feature less than 500 learners, however if your school has less than 500 learners and would still like to implement G-tags, please get in touch.

Our Smart Tags look like the below image.

The process is the same as the initial activation of the RFID tag. Send a text message to the number on the tag along with the six-digit code on the tag.

The previous tag owner then accepts the transfer of ownership (which can be declined or approved). Once the transfer is approved the new number then receives ownership of the item.

Yes, G-tags can be washed regularly for 3 years, without any issues.

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