If a clothing article is placed in lost property, a scanner picks up the signal of the G-tag, and reads the data encoded on the tag. This scanner then communicates with a custom designed system which will then match the encoded data with a database that features the contact details of the parents, or the items owner.

The software then sends a text message to the contact details on the system, saying that the item has been placed in lost property, and is available for collection.


How to get G-Tagged

Contact us to register your school. We will send you a sign-up form that you can distribute to fellow parents, teachers and students, via email or on their, or the school’s, Facebook page.

Once 10 parents or more fill out our form, showing interest in our services, we will contact your school to implement the sensor array setup to track lost clothing and schoolbags.

The last step is to insert the G-tags into the learner’s clothing articles, and pair them with your phone, in order to capture your contact details on the tag. If a clothing article is placed in your lost property, the system will then know who to notify.

Please fill in and send us a message via the Contact form on the Contact Us page or the Chatbox below to contact us in order to register your school.